China OEM Slewing Drive Planetary Gearbox Yaw Pitch drive Replacement of Bonfiglioli 700T series 700T1F 701T1F 703T2F 705T2F 705T2L 706T2N 707T2N with high quality

Slewing Drive Planetary Gearbox Yaw Pitch drive Replacement of Bonfiglioli 700T series 700T1F 701T1F 703T2F 705T2F 705T2L 706T2N 707T2N


Replacement gearbox for Bonfiglioli

EP706L3 Pitch Drive



This type of slew drive can be completely interchanged with Bonfiglioli 700T series slew drive gearbox on performance and dimensions. It provides the safest and most effective solution to all slew drive applications. These series have long been established in the cranes, excavators, and special equipment industries, and today are highly appreciated by all the major manufacturers.

Bonfiglioli Model 700T1F 701T1F 703T2F 705T2F 705T2L 706T2N 707T2N
Our Model EP700T1F EP701T1F EP703T2F EP705T2F EP705T2L EP706T2N EP707T2N
Bonfiglioli Model 709T2N 710T2N 711T2C 711T2F 713T3N 715T3N
our model EP709T2N EP710T2N EP711T2C EP711T2F EP713T3N EP715T3N

Superior Performance OF Slewing Drive Planetary Gearbox

Torque range 1,000 … 80,000 Nm (8,850 … 708,059 in-lb)
Gear ratios 3.48 … 2,000
Brake options Hydraulic brake
Hydraulically released parking brake on request
Electric brake
DC and AC type
Applicable motors Piston hydraulic motors
Hydraulic orbit motors
Electric motors IEC
Motor options Pressure relief valve
Overcenter valve

Application Of Slewing Drive Planetary Gearbox

Construction (dryers, crushing machines, mixing mills, cranes, mobile scaffolds)
Material handling (gantry cranes, mobile dock cranes, movable stocks, bridge cranes)
Waste and sewage treatment (rotating filters, thickeners, clarifiers, Warm hoists, agitators)
Mine and quarry machines (drilling and excavation, machine, selectors, classifiers, conveyors, crushing machines)
Wind energy (pitch drives, yaw drives) Substructures (movable roofs, movable gantries, piling)
Steel processing machines (conveyors, extruders, cutting machines, roll benders, rolling mills)
Food industry (mixing machines, mixers, conveyors, fruit extractor machines)

Other Types of Planetary Gearboxes

Gear Speed Reducer for Tracked Vehicle Gear Speed Reducer for Winch Planetary Gear Reducer for Wheeled Vehicle
Planetary Slewing Drive Gear Speed Reducer for Wind Turbines Inline Planetary Gear Reducer
Right Angle Gear Drives Power Wheel Planetary Gear Drive Feed Mixer Drive


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